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Open Data Directory platform toward a global directory of OD

Jose M. Alonso, Program Manager Open Data at the World Wide Web Foundation wrote :

We’ve been putting some serious thinking at the Web Foundation on how to improve findability of Open Data-related resources and have built on the idea of facilitating access to those resources for a wide variety of audiences. As a first step towards achieving this goal, we’ve developed a draft of the functional and architectural requirements for the

(ODD) to support a global directory of Open Data references and related information resources, that can range from scientific papers and studies to blog posts and to applications developed on top of Open Data.

It’s still very early stages but, as a first step towards the ODD, we are making public this “Use Cases and Requirements” draft in order to get comments from the wider community on the content of the document itself but also on the overall idea of the ODD. We’ve published it as a Google Document with comments turned on. Suggestions, feedback and comments are very welcome. This is a resource that would serve the community at large and, as such, your input is crucial.

The deadline for submitting comments is: April 19th, 2013.

The ODD should then serve a wide audience of Open Data Stakeholders, including any group that has a direct or indirect interest and could play an active role in an Open Data initiative, from those who conduct, participate in, fund, or manage the initiative to anyone that may otherwise affect or be affected by it.

The mission of the ODD would be to:

  • Provide leadership in the domain
  • Federate existing resources and act as a clearinghouse for them
  • Facilitate replication of successful examples
  • Help understand the challenges and benefits associated to Open Data
  • Provide a best practice itself

See draft document:


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Posted: 7 April, 2013 (15:30) | knowledge | by: titticimmino

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